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Reviews for Meier Family Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Meier Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Drs. Jeff and Kim Meier

So Happy With My Visits

I’ve been so happy with my visits to Meier Family Chiropractic. The receptionists are always wonderful at both locations, I’m always able to find appointment times that work with my schedule, and Dr. Donnie Smith has already helped me immensely with pain that was affecting my entire life. I’m so thankful to have found Meier Family Chiropractic! – Michelle S.

Extremely Skilled

I have had chiropractic care for around 43 years. Dr. Kim is one of the top 3 doctors I have ever seen!!! She did a phenomenal job of adjusting my neck and back! She checked and rechecked my mobility throughout the exam and was extremely skilled at adjusting my neck which is difficult for many D.C.s to do. I feel better than I have felt in over a year and a half! Thank you so very much. I will be back for maintenance I am sure. – Michael L.

Friendly and Professional

Setting up my appointment was quick and easy! There was a hiccup on my part with filling out the initial paperwork online, but the staff proved to be patient and helpful with making sure that everything was complete beforehand. The energy of Meier Chiropractic has been friendly and professional, and I’m excited to be working with everybody on my chiropractic journey! – Melissa S.

Very Impressive

As a first-time patient, Dr. Jeff Meier paid me the courtesy of listening to my health concerns before attempting treatment. Very impressive indeed. I will gladly recommend this chiropractic clinic to anyone seeking pain relief. – Flohr K.

A True Professional in His Field

Dr. Jeff is probably one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life! He truly has a heart for people and you can tell that he wants to help you in more ways than you thought possible! Sometimes I just want to go in just to talk to him because he gives off such a positive and encouraging vibe. I don’t know his wife but she seems very nice too! Our baby boy Brody was suffering due to premature birth and Dr. Jeff really helped Brody get back on track! I wish there were more people like him out there because our world be a better place if there was! Not only is he a great guy but a true professional in his field! – Mason G.

Friendly, Helpful, & Knowledgeable

All of the staff were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the chairs with the full back heating pads, very nice. I felt Dr. Jeff explained my treatment well and treated me with the upmost respect and I was happy he referred me to a couple massage therapists to help with my future treatments.- Mary P.

Trusted our Newborn with Dr. Kim

Absolutely LOVED meeting Dr. Kim for the first time, and felt completely confident in her working on our newborn baby girl. She made us all feel comfortable during the visit and did an amazing job explaining what she was doing during the adjustment. We left feeling so happy in our chiropractic care choice! – Piper H.

Super Impressed

I was super impressed and pleased by everything and everyone. The office was nice and the personnel were extremely friendly and efficient – Diane S.

Very Welcoming

Thank you Dr.Kim for your help on my left shoulder!!! I think it is starting to feel BETTER!!!
Your practice makes patients feel very welcoming! – Patricia E.

Impressed With The People and the Service

I have never been to a chiropractor before, but was impressed with the people and the service. I am hopeful that this will help my situation and get me on the road to recovery. – Bill P.

Very Friendly

Very friendly atmosphere and comfortable office.
client.- Mike W.

Another Life Long Client

I made a stop into the office, hoping to get a appointment sometime that week to help relive the high level of pain I was experiencing due to a injury from working out. Without hesitation the very friendly front end team found a way to have me seen within 10 minutes of walking in. The entire team was prompt, friendly and professional. I left knowing I was in good hands and was on the way to recovery.
My second visit was even more informative and confirmed I had made the right choice for my chiropractic needs. Thank you! Your entire team is fabulous. You have made another life long client.- Becca A.

Thank you for making my three year old comfortable as well as myself. First time ever at a chiropractor and it was better than expected.” – Alison

Wonderful Experience!

The entire experience was wonderful! Every single person in the office was very welcoming and I was offered tea and a chair with a heating pad to relax! Dr. Kim took X-rays because they were needed for my condition and it greatly helped me understand the problem and how she could help me. I can’t wait to go back!- Stephanie H.

Great First Experience!

I had a great first experience! All of the staff were incredibly kind and helpful. Even the other clients were quite entertaining. I’m happy to have visited and to have found a dependable chiropractic clinic. – Heather T.

Extremely Impressed

So far I’m extremely impressed with Dr. Kim’s knowledge and approach to my issues. My best chiropractic experience to date! Candis P.

Great First Impression

Dr. Kim is amazing and the environment is warm and inviting. Loved every staff member I came across! Great first impression. Sunshine N.

Confidence In The Staff And Doctor

I have confidence in the staff and Dr. Jeff that he will help with discomfort and relief of my symptoms and get me back to feeling good again! Jeremiah M.


You guys were all awesome! I had no idea my neck was so bad! I feel 110% better. I still have the original issue I came there hoping to fix, but even that is starting to feel better! Thank you! Megan S.

Very Impressed

Our first experience as a new patient with Dr. Meier, as well as new to the chiropractic “world” was really great. The staff was extremely helpful. They even realized insurance co pay was more than visit. Instead of getting extra money they saved us money by suggesting we not use insurance. I was very impressed with that. Our experience with Dr. Kim was really great. She explained things and as new parents and new to chiropractic in general it really helped put us at ease. I will for sure go back when needed! Haley T.

Encouraging And Helpful

I was so happy and relieved with how Dr. Kim Meier was with me! Very encouraging and helpful. Can’t wait to go back. Catherine K.

Service Was Amazing

The comfort level and the time Dr. Kim spent with me and my daughter was appreciated. The service we received was amazing. Lori S.

Amazing People

Amazing people and a wonderful environment. Brittany D.

Excellent Work With My 5 Year Old

Excellent with working with my 5 year old son! Explained everything, very professional! Sarah M.

My Daughter Absolutely Loved Dr. Kim Meier

Dr. Kim Meier saw my 8 year old daughter and she was amazing. My daughter absolutely loved her. Dr. Meier was able to explain what was going on and what was going to happen so that my daughter understood and was comfortable. Not only will we be going back, but we’re bringing the rest of the family.Alexis K.

Caring, Compassionate And Helpful

Everyone I came in contact with were caring, compassionate and helpful. I didn’t have a scheduled appointment but the lady that I spoke with on the phone sensed my level of pain and arranged for me to be seen. I was so grateful! I was checked on so many times while I was waiting. In addition, Dr. Jeff exercised so much caution and care before doing any adjustments. That certainly was a relief as the issue was in my neck and I was experiencing intense spasms. Thank you to Dr. Jeff, Dr. Kim and their staff! Mary F.

Professional And Courteous

All the staff were professional and courteous. Dr. Jeff is very knowledgeable and explains everything before he does it. Kari F.

Great Experience

Wow, glad I met and got to experience great professional care. You made me feel really comfortable and important, thank you so much, can’t wait until my next visit! Anthony T.

Should Of Done This Sooner

I should have done this much sooner! Jay E.

Friendly And Professional

Everyone was friendly and professional! Jill C.


Enjoyed visiting the office and seeing the calm environment and the helpful heated seats for relaxing prior to any appointment. My treatment was excellent and I appreciated the warmth and friendliness of the staff. Pam D.


Everything was as expected and very professional and through. Mary Beth K.

Excellent Care

Office is beautiful and the heating pads in the waiting room chairs are awesome. Excellent medical care. I’ve been seeing chiropractors since 2005, and as a first visit this was as good as it gets. This is my 9th chiropractor due to many military moves, and so far I’m extremely happy with the service provided. Tina K.

Very Accommodating

The doctor was very accommodating to my preference of chiropractic techniques. He also had excellent tips and information on general wellness and at home practices specifically directed toward my lifestyle and my condition.Tanya R.

Thank You

I went into the office having quite a bit of pain and I left the office with very minimal pain. I am looking forward to follow-up visits. I am well on my way to recovery from back pain. Thank you so much! Ann G.

Very Happy

We are very happy with how our baby was treated. Kirsten G.


Very impressed with the friendliness, yet very professional! The entire staff makes you very comfortable! Lisa S.


Everyone is welcoming! Brenda C.

Great Job

You all do a great job thanks for your help. Andrew D.

Helped My Little Guy

Your the man Jeff! Thanks for helping my little guy out with his ear/neck issues! Andrew T.

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