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Keep Your Baby’s Spine Healthy

BabyDid you know your child’s spine grows 50% in just their first year of life, another 42% from ages 1-5 and can continue up through age 24?

Those first few years of life are when your child will learn to crawl, walk and fall. Beyond that first year, childhood is full of vigorous play and tumbles.

With a high potential for trauma and the spine growing at its fastest rate, regular chiropractic checkups are essential to reducing spinal issues that naturally accompany growing, learning and exploring their world.

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

Care early on gives a child the best possible chance of a fully functioning spine. Many issues we see in adults are the result of something that happened years ago, quietly worsening until their body could no longer adapt and symptoms arose.

Allow your child’s body to work as it was designed to with gentle chiropractic care.

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